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Charge Tax Rebate

Charge Tax Rebate

Xiamen Freede professionally handles tax refund verification information, declaration, delivery and other export tax rebates.

The export tax rebate is a value-added tax of up to 13% for the country to encourage exports and refund a certain percentage of exports. Export tax rebates can increase the income of export enterprises and increase profits, so that enterprises are in a favorable position in international and domestic competition, and even some enterprises will lose money if they have no tax rebate benefits! However, tax rebate is a cumbersome and complicated system engineering, which involves many links and departments, foreign exchange administration, customs, taxation and so on.

Xiamen Freede has rich experience in handling tax refunds. All enterprises can hand over the tax refund to our company, which reduces the burden on the company and increases the benefits. More importantly, the company can pay tax refunds for customers. In this way, enterprises get tax refunds in advance and speed up the flow of funds.
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