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Commodity Inspection Service

  • Commodity Inspection
Commodity Inspection

Commodity Inspection

If the export goods belong to the category of statutory inspection or other various types of certificates that need to be certified by the Commodity Inspection Bureau, they must go to the local entry-exit and quarantine bureau to report and provide the corresponding customs clearance or replacement certificate. Our company can apply for inspection and customs declaration, and provide all kinds of documents required for customs declaration.
Required documents:
Inspection: inspection power of attorney, customs declaration, packing list, invoice, foreigner contract.
Customs declaration: invoice, packing list, customs declaration.

In the import and export agency, we will grasp the risk control of each clause before the execution of the contract; during the execution of the contract, we will grasp the implementation of each step and control the rhythm of each business link; after the execution of the contract, we will effectively return to visit and further improve the measures. Guarantee the continuity, validity and fairness of the entire contract.

In the trading business, our company strictly keeps confidential the customer's product information, personal information, buyer information and factory information.


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