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In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees and improve the quality of the staff, the company recently opened a “book corner” in the lounge for the employees to borrow in the leisure time, work and rest, and relieve stress.

The company's "Book Corner" now stores more than 300 books, newspapers and magazines, including books on foreign trade resources, export documents, and letters of credit. It has released the latest news of international economic affairs, international finance, changes in international exchange rates, and the trend of the US dollar. Publications of important information include newspapers and magazines that publish domestic and foreign import and export goods, shipping, and express delivery, as well as books on improving personal cultivation, increasing cultural knowledge, and enlightening the mind. An old employee who likes to read and read newspapers sighs when reading the book corner: "Maybe some sentences, you have not remembered a sentence, a word, but in the process of reading, those words will affect you, will purify your mind. To make your body and mind get released."

The establishment of “Book Corner” is another measure to comprehensively improve the quality of the workforce, enhance the soft power of the workforce, and implement the corporate culture in depth. This year, the company used the central group to study, "read a good book" and other forms, and organized staff training to further enhance the cultural quality of everyone. At present, the company has called on all branches of the company to actively prepare for the creation of the “Book Corner”. In addition, the company will add new books from time to time to enrich the “Book Corner” and truly provide a cultural place for communication, communication and relaxation for the employees. , continue to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, so that employees love their posts and love "home."

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