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Corporate Culture

Xiamen Freede Is a good export agent, collecting foreign exchange, collecting certificate of origin, international logistics and other services, and also actively building the culture of enterprises. The company requires all staff to be good, confident, innovative, united, and enjoy the life.

Xiamen Freede has opened a "book corner" in the break room for the staff to borrow in spare time, work and relax, relieve body and mind pressure. Company library put all kinds of existing 300 volumes of books, newspapers and magazines, including resources of foreign trade, export documents information, L/C to the books of knowledge, has released the latest development of international economic affairs, international finance, international exchange rate changes, the important information publication, the dollar has published at home and abroad the import and export of goods, shipping, express delivery market of current affairs newspaper, magazines, and cultural knowledge, improve personal accomplishment, mental enlightenment books etc. An old employees like reading books and newspapers in the library reading sighs: "there may be some statements that you have not remember a word, but in the process of reading, those words will affect you, will purify your soul, brought the release of your body and mind.

Every Wednesday at 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, all the members were invited to take part in outdoor activities. Staff on duty, mountain climbing, swimming, surfing, picnics, etc., noise, enhance the staff's physical quality, psychological quality, increase staff communication, enhance staff in entertainment and sports exchanges and emotion.


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