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  • Express delivery service
Express delivery serviceExpress delivery service

Express delivery service

  • Product description: Xiamen Freede Industry Co., Ltd., with a professional agency service attitude, solve the problems in the export chain for customers.
Xiamen Freede Industry Co., Ltd. provides international express delivery services.

EMS Express, SF Express, FedEx (FedEx), UPS (United Parcel), DHL Express (DHL),
TNT Express and other major international express delivery.

They each have their own advantages:

The four international express delivery have their own advantages in the world. Starting from China, the strengths of FEDEX and UPS are in the Americas line, the Japanese line.
Road, TNT has an absolute advantage in Europe and West Asia, the Middle East, DHL is to Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia has an advantage. This

These advantages are also reflected in their price, each advantage line is cheaper than the other three, and very Guaranteed. In addition to the other well-known express delivery of the international four, in its local line, there must be an advantage, such as Sagawa. It is in the Japanese line, and SF is in Hong Kong. China is currently SF Express, the most efficient and best service.

Freede Co.'s service tenet: Only you can't think of it, there is nothing we can't do!


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