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Our advantage

Our advantage

Compared with general foreign trade agency companies:
1. Settlement is fast and safe.
Our company can complete all the procedures for declaration and settlement on the day of the transfer. Eliminate funding risks. At the same time, in the context of a large exchange rate decline, use efficiency to help customers avoid exchange rate losses.
2. The transfer is fast.
Our company can generally transfer funds to customers on the same day, no later than the second working day.
3. Clear customs clearance.
Our company is a Customs Class A with low clearance rate. Customs inspection rate is low, customs clearance is fast
3. Profits can be returned directly.
Our company does not charge income tax. There is no need to deduct tax points, nor do you need to deduct the equivalent invoice.
4. Can provide substitute tax refund financing services.
Customers can be allowed to withdraw funds as soon as possible, and increase the flow of funds for customers.
5. Flexible operation.
According to the needs of customers, we can provide personalized services to avoid the troubles of many intermediate procedures.
6. The accounts are transparent.
Only one agent fee will be charged. Other expenses are reported and sold (such as the freight forwarding fee, bank transfer transaction fee, courier fee for sending documents, etc.)

The difference with the freight forwarding company, customs broker:
1. Freede can complete all import and export services such as customs clearance (inspection, customs declaration), foreign exchange (import payment and export collection), tax refund, financing, etc., while freight forwarding/declaration brokers only provide customs declaration or logistics services. Let customers worry, save effort and save money!
2. Customers are not required to have import and export qualifications, but the use of freight forwarding / customs brokers requires customers to provide.

Compared with customer self-employment:
1. No need to apply for import and export qualifications, but self-employment is required.
2. No need to hire professionals such as customs declaration, logistics management, foreign-related finance, etc., but self-employment is required.
3. It can save 70% of import and export management costs, 30% of logistics link costs, and 40% of financial link costs.
4. Have a high level of cooperation in all aspects, can provide customers with first-class import and export links.
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